Mariposa Aerial Yoga Classes 

Aerial Yoga St. Augustine Beach

 Classes on the Beach! 

Aerial Yoga Classes take place on St. Augustine Beach just North of the Pier. Near the Embassy Suites Hotel, and across the street from the Salt Life Restaurant.  

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What is Aerial Yoga? 

The fusion between circus arts and ground based yoga. This class will help with your balance, upper body strength and confidence! Inversions are actually more accessible for most people with the aerial silks. Just like yoga, this practice is all about the journey. What you believe is possible, is what you can achieve. The aerial equipment we use is rated to hold between 300 - 1000 lbs, and you are only as high off the ground as you want to be! 

This form of yoga is for all ages and all levels! We’ve had students from 11 - 65+ From complete beginners to experienced silks performers. If you can breathe you can take this class.

What to bring to class: 

It is important to be hydrated for your aerial yoga practice. This means drinking water the 24 hours before class as well as small amounts throughout the class. It is strongly recommended to wear longer length yoga pants (aka not shorts!) During some poses the fabric supports your legs and can dig into your thighs in a rather uncomfortable way. Other than that, any fitted athletic wear should work. You will not be permitted to wear jewelry during class. The silks are very strong, but weak to diamonds and metals. Please leave valuable jewelry at home or store it in a safe place during class. Thank you! 

What to expect for your first class: 

Every class starts in a supported posture, whether that be on the ground or in the silks. We gradually move the body, generating heat and confidence. Just as in any yoga class, if something doesn't feel right, honor your body! Because of the small class size (maximum of six people) you will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get feedback.